Soccer Team Positions

It is more productive, relaxing and fun when you know the team positions especially when you start a soccer training program for the first time.

Here is a fast and dirty review of the information to help you get started. Your soccer coach can help you clean it up and fill in the detail.


The only members of team that could use their hands to catch the ball. They often stand alone between the forwards of the other team and the goal. When you stand in the middle of the goal on a soccer field, you realize how huge the goal actually is.  It seems to be humanly impossible to cover it and yet you see how the goalkeeper protects it repeatedly.

Goalkeeper in soccer must be able to read and predict as much as react.


Their role is to maintain control of the soccer ball in two ways. Don’t let the opposing team from getting it and stop the progress of the opposing team.


These are the hardest working member of the team.  They must cover the space between the defenders and the offense.  They must be physically quick and mentally agile to adapt.


They get the glory of scoring a goal. Once the attach imitated which could be from the defenders and transfers to midfielders, the forwards carry it home.

Soccer is a team sports. Every member of team is necessary to score and keep the opposing team to score. Play each position and see how well you do. Sometimes you may like to play in forward position and may find out that you are an amazing goalkeeper.

You may get as much kicks as you hear fans roar when you as a defender stop an attach and reverse it or carry the momentum of the ball to the forwards.

Know yourself, know your talents and know your team positions and communicate it well.

You’ll have more fun and your team experiences more success.

Hamstring Soccer Exercises

Sports specific training programs considers the strength and the weaknesses of training. In many soccer training drills, the momentum is forward with fast changes in direction and explosive kicks.

To keep the forward momentum and to keep their knee stable soccer players rely heavily on their hamstrings. However, hamstring engagements are within a very limited range until the explosive kicks enter the picture.

Within those explosive kicks and sometimes defense movements, hamstrings are forced into a much longer range of motion.

There are exercises that train hamstrings for full range of motions. One of them is dumbbell Romanian deadlift.

You can perform this exercise at home. Adjustable dumbbells like bowflex selecttech 552 adjustable dumbbells could help you progress from lighter weights to heavier weights based on your needs.

Watch the video below for detailed instructions on how to perform dumbbell Romanian deadlift.